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To help facilitate the learning experiences for the children of the Wildwoods through educational opportunities

in and out of the classroom.

The Power of Community by Paying it Forward can Change the World.

The Power of Community can Change the World.

We challenge YOU to be that CHANGE!


New Jersey Congressmen Jeff Van Drew

honors the  Lunch With Lynch Foundation and our ThumbsUp4Kindness 

project on the Floor of Congress in our Nation's Capital. 

Mr. Lynch and Congressmen Van Drew inspiring kindness at Wildwood High School.


The Lunch with Lynch Foundation hosted a lunch at the Warrior's Cafe prepared and served by the students of the culinary arts program.

The Congressmen met with the students and 
encouraged them to be active members in the community and to make sound decisions in their future pursuits.

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Social Media

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If you found your way to this page from a ThumbsUp4Kindness bracelet please visit our website. See how you can be a part of the kindness program!

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Supporting our Youth


Lunch With Lynch Events and Updates

At The Lunch With Lynch Foundation, we have been involved with our ever growing community, and are happy to share our achievements with you. For many years, we have been making a difference in the lives of youth in the greater Wildwood area, and we take pride in everything we do. Read all about our latest updates, and get involved today!

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Deep Sea Fishing 
with Fish For Life with
Special Needs Kids

JULY 2022

Hoagie Boxes for
the Sixth Grade



Mr. Lynch's Family
From France supported
our Food Bank


2022-11-05 13.35_edited.jpg

A lesson in Kindness
GA vs TN 
College Football Game


2022-12-24 10.25.22.jpg

All the Island Schools made special cards for our FIRST RESPONDERS!!!


861 Kids/ 304 Families
Thanks First Responders



Deep Sea Fishing 
with Fish For Life with
Special Needs Kids

JULY 2022


Mr. Lynch's Family
From France supported
our Food Bank



All the Island Schools made special cards for our FIRST RESPONDERS!!!


2022-03-31 12.31.51-1.jpg

Mr. Lynch surprises WHS
Seniors with $20 
Domino's Certificates

April 2022

2022-05-18 01.05.18-4.jpg

Yeeee Hawwwww ...
Mr Lynch Speaks to 
DTHS Students 

May 2022

2022-06-18 18.06.22.jpg

We support our kids,
police, fire, military
and lifeguards!!!

June 2022

2022-01-11 00.54.03.jpg

Mr Lynch and his family 
are happy Georgia
Bulldogs Fans #1

January 2022

2022-02-07 12.52.17.jpg

Mr. Lynch challenged
Wildwood Catholic Academy
to make lunch for the hungry

February 2022

2022-03-10 13.20.59-1.jpg

It's what we do!
Inspire Kids to be 

March 2022

2021-10-26 20.18.13.jpg

Mr Lynch EMCEED the 
South Jersey Boy
Scout Dinner

October 2021

2021-11-26 08.55.00.jpg

Mr Lynch meets Christian
of the US ARMY 175th as he serves our country in Milan

November 2021

2021-12-05 17.05.19-1.jpg

Our newest LWL member
Sebastian just met


December 2021

2021-07-10 21.05.50.jpg

Mr Lynch honored our
1st Responders &  
Military at the Blues Fest!

July 2021

2021-08-21 23.05.50.jpg

#BCMFBEKIND & the Pedlow
Family are our newest

August 2021

2021-09-10 17.06.48.jpg

The Budd Kids asked
for donations over toys to 
support our efforts! 

September 2021

2021-04-20 15.38.15-1.jpg

Mr. Lynch and friends posing for a photo for the Sun by the Sea Magizine

April, 2021

2021-05-04 18.34.30-1.jpg

Mr Lynch purchased pizza for all the Softball players!
Wildwood vs. Salem 

May, 2021

2021-06-10 11.32.55.jpg

Everybody Loves 
Mr Gigi  on our Lunch With Lynch Boardwalk trip

June 2021

2021-01-22 19.00.16.jpg

Mr. Lynch cooked a

  Fried Chicken Dinner for the Wildwood Fire Dept.

January 2021

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Spreading Kindness to​

Healthcare Hero's

at Cape Regional Medical.

February 2021

LWL Fund donated

$2,200 in gift card to all Wildwoods Schools 

March 2021

2020-10-10 16.23.47.jpg

The Kindness Team

Volunteers for the

Crest Best Run!

October 2020

2020-11-13 16.05.44.jpg

Inspiring Kindness with ​

Dennis Twp Schools

on World Kindness Day

November 2020

2020-12-22 15.52.33.jpg

Lynch/GrYnch Toy Drive

817 Kids and 304 Families

were delivered toys!

December 2020


Paying it Forward with the Wildwood Crest Police


July 2020

2020-08-02 12.44.30-1.jpg

Tryee Ward saved Katie in the Atlantic Ocean. We had a small reunion. 

August 2020

2020-09-19 16.02.46.jpg

James & Simba walked 24 hours on the Rocky Steps

for Legacy Of Hope

September 2020

2020-04-11 14.38.38.jpg

Paying it Forward with Easter Baskets for kids in the community!

April 2020


Social Distancing with

Wildwood Catholic HS



May 2020

2020-06-17 16.05.38-1.jpg

My great Nieces and Nephews help with the iPad Project !


2020-01-30 12.28.08.jpg

Mr. Lynch inspiring kindness with the Pre-K kids at the Annex!

January 2020

2020-02-28 12.14.06.jpg

Hanging with the 2nd grade at Middle Twp

Elementary #1

February 2020

2020-03-11 21.44.10-1.jpg

Inspiring Kindness with the gang from the Bearfoot Country Music Fest

March 2020

2019-10-12 12.24.12.jpg

Mr. Lynch & his niece and nephew surprises the Dunedin Fire Department

October 2019

2019-11-20 12.30.14-1.jpg

Wildwood High School Peer Leaders help Mr. Lynch with Foods Baskets 

November, 2019

2019-12-14 09.54.44.jpg

Steve Del Monte provides a donation to LWL for our volunteer efforts!  

December 2019

2019-07-20 18.37.11.jpg

Mr. Lynch & WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil

with our buddy Mahki 

July 2019

2019-08-17 08.54.47.jpg

Big Easy of the Harlem Globetrotters donates 50 Basketballs to our kids

August 2019

2019-10-02 12.10.54-1.jpg

Believe & Achieve makes a donation to support out kids at Glenwood Ave School

September 2019


Community Unity Day

with the Island's

PreK Students

April 2019

2019-05-31 10.13.43-1.jpg

Mr. Lynch Greets the Middle TWP 2nd grade at the Wildwood Sign


2019-06-05 12.17.39.jpg

The Class of 2033

enjoys Lunch with Lynch

at Sam's Pizza WIldwood

June 2019


Mr Lynch helped raise

donations for the 

Special Olympics 

January 2019


It was all


at Glenwood School

February 2019


Congratulation to 

the Annex Pre-K kids

100 Acts of Kindness

March 2019 

2018-12-24 10.20.19.jpg

200 volunteers help 310 families on Christmas Eve in our community

December 24, 2018

2018-11-01 17.35.04.jpg

Invited the Wildwood Football team to dinner!

 A LWL Tradition. 

November 1, 2018 

2018-10-06 15.49.04.jpg

Inspiring Kindness at the Sea Food Festival with Officer Eli and Friends

October 6, 2018 

2017-08-21 19.45.45.jpg

Visiting our Wildwood Warrior Kasey class of 2016 at CHOP

July 18, 2018 


J-Day in the Wildwoods 

International Students from Around the Globe

August 7, 2018 

DSC_0146 - Copy.JPG

Wildwood Warriors football team opens the 2018 Season

September 7, 2018 

2017-08-21 19.45.45.jpg

WHS Football Team honors LWL with Signed Helment

April 2018

2017-08-21 19.45.45.jpg

Mr. Lynch receives the Presidential Volunteerism Award

May 2018

2017-08-21 19.45.45.jpg

Lunch With Lynch supports all of our school activities

June 2018

2017-08-21 19.45.45.jpg

Hanging out with the 2nd Grade at Glenwood

Jan  2018

2017-08-21 19.45.45.jpg

Local Girl Scouts Inspire Kindness


Feb 2018

2017-08-21 19.45.45.jpg

Oh no ... we need to use our Toys R us cards 

March 2018


Ethan Kranig Wildwoods Newest Police Officer

Summer 2017

Ron Jaworski donates $5000 for our local kids

August 2017

2017-08-30 18.29.43.jpg
2017-08-21 19.45.45.jpg

International J1
Students BBQ Dinner

August, 2017

First day of school

with Mr. Lynch 

September  5. 2017

2017-09-05 07.58.11.jpg
2017-10-06 18.33.58.jpg

Mr Lynch took the Wildwood football team to dinner.

October 2017

BOOK BAGS and supplies thanks to Cape Regional Hospital!

January 12, 2017

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Spreading Kindness and Goodwill since 2007

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