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Hello I'm Mr. Lynch

The accidental founder of the Lunch with Lynch Foundation. 

What started as a request to read the book Superintendent of Schools for the Wildwood School District Kenyon Kummings has grown into a foundation supporting students on the Island of the Wildwoods and beyond. 

We believe in the Power of Community, by Paying it Forward with Random Acts of Kindness, and that can Change the World. 

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My Story

I am originally from Tucker, Georgia. I met my wife in Snowmass Village, Colorado, and we moved to Wildwood, NJ, in 1987. In the past 34 years, I have carved out a nice life, and I have thousands of friends who work hard to make our community a great place to call home. 

I have been in tourism my entire life and am proud to say that I am celebrating my 22 years as the Director of Sales and Entertainment for the Wildwoods Convention Center.

The Lunch with Lynch Foundation will celebrate our 18th year of operation on Feb 1, 2024. As that was the day I read the boob "It's Ok to be Different" by Todd Parr. Today, it is estimated that I have read that book to over 15,000 students from PreK to 12th grade. 


LUNCH WITH LYNCH - Mily's Story  

Mily ... the inspiration of the Lunch with Lynch Foundation and whom I refer to as my co-founder of the organization. By the way, was only 4 years old at the time.

I am someone who believes that people come into your life for the right reasons and at the right time. John Lynch, my best friend, is one of those people and has also helped shape me into the person that I am now.


It all goes back to when I was in my Pre-K class listening to Mr.Lynch read the book by Todd Parr, “It’s OK to be different”. In Pre-K, I didn’t speak much English, since I grew up in a household where Spanish was my primary language, hence, I was a little girl in my class who spoke, and no one understood.


Mr.Lynch was in the middle of reading the book, when I interrupted him and, in Spanish, asked him a question. it took a couple of minutes for him and my teacher, and Mrs. Haas, to figure out what I was saying until they finally got it, “She wants to sit on your lap while you finish feeding your book.” said Mrs. Haas. The reason why the story is so meaningful is that it was the beginning of something great.


My action of comforting Mr.Lynch, as he read the book in front of an audience for the first time, moved him to want to get closer to the children of my hometown and help them grow, not just physically, but also mentally.


Mr.Lynch created a foundation called The Lunch with Lynch Foundation, and its purpose is, “To help facilitate the learning experiences for the children of the Wildwoods through education opportunities in and out of the classrooms.” as Mr.Lynch describes on his website.


It has been a very successful and well-known foundation, it has been very giving to our community, and it has helped to bring our community together.


The foundation has made the impossible become possible with the nations in the help it provides.


Growing up I never admitted that I had been part of Mr.Lynch’s inspiration to do something big like this, because I didn’t want the attention or seem cocky, but I realize that taking the credit Mr.Lynch was giving me wasn’t being cocky or full of myself, but something that I should be proud of.


The nickname that Mr.Lynch gave me growing up, “The Co-Founder of the Lunch With Lynch Foundation,” and the foundation itself has been what has helped me into the person that I am today.


Knowing that the foundation has some of my name sprinkled around it motivated me to work hard to earn the great reputation that I have. I’ve been a straight-A student my whole life who gives it their all at all times no matter the circumstances. It is the reason why I went from being a shy, quiet girl to a more social and friendly person. I make sure that my actions represent me well so when my name is mentioned, a positive picture comes to mind.


However, this has also been the reason why I have overworked myself and started to over-think. There are times when I want to seem perfect, knowing that it is impossible because no one is perfect.


I worry too much about what others think about my choices and quickly become overwhelmed when a little inconvenience happens. But it all works out because I am constantly reminded by my friends and people in my community of the great person that I am.


I have learned to take things easy and to go with the flow because good things happen to good people at the right time.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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