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Merry GrYnchmas


New Jersey PBA, PBA Local 59, Cape May County Chiefs of Police and the Hess Corporation
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Commissioner Lenny Desiderio, NJ State Congressman Jeff Vandrew,
John Lynch, Toy Drive & Director Thomas DePaul, Training Center 

picking up Hess Trucks


Thanks to the generosity of the Hess Corporation, NJ PBA, Chiefs of Police Cape May County and CMC PBA Local 59 provide the Lunch With Lynch Foundation with 260 Hess Toy Trucks. 

In return, the Lunch With Lynch Foundation made a donation of 60 Hess Trucks to the Middle Township Police Department Toy Drive, and 200 Hess trucks were gifted to the Lynch GrYnch Toy Drive. 

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The Lynch Who Stole Christmas from the GrYnch
Wrapped & bagged over 4,000 Toys
200 Hess Trucks delivered by Lynch/GrYnch Toy Drive
60 Hess Trucks delivered by the MTPD Toy Drive 
Wrapped gift delivered to 924  kids
Delivered over 400 bags of Toys to 317 families  
Provied local families with food & gifts cards

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Our Toy Drive

My name is John Lynch and I founded the Lunch with Lynch Foundation seventeen years ago to support children in our local schools, at-risk families, and children fighting life-threatening illnesses. Many of our families live at or below the poverty line as we are a seasonal seaside resort.


I was made aware that many of our families had to make tough decisions during the holidays, such as putting food on the table versus a toy under a tree. When I realized that food would take precedence over toys at Christmas, we jumped into action. 

Our strategy was a humbling venture, and never dreamed it would be such a success at the holidays. Our goal was simple: to help 25 families with toys, food, and clothes. (we made this decision four (12) days before Christmas 2010)

Thanks to an incredible giving community, we provided 225 families (Dec 2010) with bags of toys, food baskets, and coats from Santa ... and that is how the Lynch Who Stole Christmas from the GrYnch was created. 

The incredible giving has not stopped, as this past December 24th, we delivered close to 400 bags of toys to 317 families, helping 924 kids on Christmas Eve. When you add a few churches and some local organizations in and around the Wildwoods, we estimate that our toy drive will impact over 1200 kids and teenagers. In the past 13 years of helping Santa & the GrYnch, we have provided Christmas to 10,494 children in and around the Wildwoods. 

We appreciate that you choose our toy drive to support as a team effort from the Hess Corporation and our State and Local PBA Police Officers!



Local 59 from Cape May County donates 100 Hess Trucks to the Lynch who Stole Christmas Toy Drive

The three greatest colors as an American Red, White & Blue
Leading our future New Jersey Police Officers who are attending the CMC Police Training Academy in the Pledge of Allegiance 

NBC 4 in NYC and NBC 6 Philly joined us for the toy drive.

NJ PBA & the Hess Corporation

NJ PBA & the Hess Corporation

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Cape May County Chief of Police provided 160 Hess 

at the CMC Public Safety Training Center