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We need Gift Cards
ACME, Superfresh, Wallgreens, Wawa and CVS
would be the most helpful right now. It will give our neighbors in need the opportunity to get what they need in a hurry!

Please send them to

John Lynch 
The Lunch With Lynch Foundation
P.O. Box 1322
Wildwood, NJ 08260
How can you help ...
Who is handling your donation? The Lunch With Lynch Foundation.
The Lunch With Lynch (LWL) Foundation is partnered with the Cape May County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #7 and the FMBA #50. The Lunch With Lynch Foundation has been providing  activities and positive reinforcement to the school children on the Island of the Wildwood's for over 6 years. The LWL foundation has hosted numerous benefits to our community including the "Lynch Who Stole Christmas, from the GrYnch" Toy Drive, Magic for Macey, FReeZaPalooza, Make A Wish Weekend and other community events in Cape May County.
For more information you can visit our official web site ...
Operation "Helping Hands"
is open 10am to 3pm
now through Sunday, November 11th
at the 15th Street Fire House in North Wildwood.
We have the basics: Clothing, Baby Supplies, Toiletries, Paper Products, Toys and Non-perishable foods and some bedding items.

The response was overwhelming - but as of today the clothing drive at the 15th Street Firehouse has been completed. Thanks you ....

Once we have competed our drive here in South Jersey we will deliver them to one of our fellow barrier Island Community to the north.

Even though our homes and business might not look effected from the outside, I can tell you first hand, inside it is horrible. Flood water has been the silent perpetrator of destruction. Especially on the West side of the Island. Over the weekend I have been inside over 20 homes that have been totally  destroyed  by the flood waters of Hurricane Sandy. Many of our families where caught off guard and left their home in a hurry, with EVERYTHING being ruined. Items like their cloths, appliances, beds, furniture, electronics and more... They have no where to go and nothing in hand but the items they took with them when they left.

Many of the the people coming into our clothing/food operation are families that I call my Lunch With Lynch Families. Families that are our working poor. Men and women who would love to work year round, but are unable to since we are a seasonal destination. Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know many of the families through our philthropic efforts in our community. It is braking my heart to see such suffering, exspceially to the families that I call my friends... No one should have everything they own, no matter how big or small, taken from them. And if what we are doing can help them for a few days or weeks, well I can tell you with the help of over 100 volunteers, that we're making a difference.

And we are doing that thanks to you...

A wise women once said "If you can't feed a hundred, then just feed one" ... in the past two days we are proud to have serviced over 1,000 people ... from as close as Wildwood to as far away as Sandy Hook... The wise women, Mother Teresa!

May God Bless the communities on the Jersey Shore and in the New York metropolitan area.

Thank You and please GIVE ... And if we are not the right fit for you, please find an organization and pledge them your support!

John Lynch, Founder of the Lunch With Lynch Foundation.
More Photos taken during the Hurricane with our
brave police and firefighters.
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The Community Unity Team is made up of local South Jersey Volunteers who have offered endless hours of their time to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We are indented to these local volunteers, our local business that have offered us meals, and the 1000's of people who have donated item to this cause.

Our team leaders are
Haroula Karavangelos Rotondi, Via Karavangelos Zampirri, Missy Alcorn, Talia Piacentine, Kim Polillo-Harris, Juliana Moore Compare, Meghan Rogers and June Simcox  - and many others....

Thank You ladies and volunteers as we can not do this without you... John
Hello ... This is John Lynch. I want to thank everyone for their fantastic effort in helping our community! The Team of volunteers for the past eight day's have done an incredible job assisting over 1500 People who've been affected by Hurricane Sandy in one way or another. I am sure there are things we could have done differently, and could have been more organized in other ways. But in all honesty, we really never had any training to do something at this magnitude. Other than a few hiccups it's absolutely amazing what this community has done by coming together to help others in need.

Our volunteers came to us from all walks of life - With one goal… To help! As we wind down this operation today and tomorrow it's somewhat bittersweet, as we feel like you can just give a little more. But it's time for us to end this as we have reached our mission and our goal.

To our volunteers my sincere thanks is not enough… To the ladies who started this entire operation, the ones who want to be known as the "Noname volunteers" I have the utmost respect and love for each of you!

To all the awesome people out there who donated clothing, food, supplies, cash and food cards, thank you ... because without you this never would've been made possible! May God bless America and our friends who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy!

I am proud to be an American, I'm proud to be a New Jerseyian, I'm proud to be from Cape May County and I'm proud to be a Wildwoodian!