The Lunch with Lynch Foundation along with some funding from the Glenwood Avenue Teachers Dress Down Fund helped sponsor some students from school to play softball at the Greater Wildwoods Little League in 2010.

Of the 16 girls who signed up (most of which have never played before) all of them played the entire season! In honor of their great effort, Coach Jill Mauger and I threw the girls a special Pizza Lunch for their hard work and effort.

Thought they were split up into four different teams, on this day all the players joined together as one!
The girls from 5th grade
The girls from 4th grade
And the girls from 3rd grade ... ops I mean the "girl" from 3rd grade
Mrs Mauger received the Lunch With Lynch
Glenwood Avenue Coach of the Year Award
Winner of the Youngest Player of the Year Award
The Lunch With Lunch Courage Award.
This athlete who never played an inning of organized softball ended up breaking her nose on the first day of practice, but ended the season being, at times, the only pitcher on her team. I was taken back from her desire and dedication to play the sport... And why a football for a softball award. She really wants to be a football player....