The Wildwoods, NJ - September 14, 2010 - Alex Piratzky is a 17 year old senior at St. Augustine Prep with aspirations of attending the United States Air Force Academy upon graduation. When it was time for him to choose his school Caritas (Charity) Project, he chose the Lunch With Lynch Program after visiting the Lunch With Lynch web site, Alex felt he could make an impact on the program for the kids.  And that he did by spending his summer collecting books, school supplies and cash donations from area business, organizations and individuals in the community.
130 Sports Bags filled with:
2 Notebooks
       1 Box Crayons
       10 Pencils
       2 Pens
       1 Glue or Glue Stick
       1 Hand Sanitizer
       1 Pack of Tissues
       2 Erasers

OVER 2,000 New and Used Books

And $750 in Cash Donations for the LWL Foundation
Additional Supplies:
560 Pencils
       210 Pens
       46 Boxes of Crayons
       22 Packs of Refill Paper
       30 Packs of Tissues
       15 Pencil Sharpeners
       22 Rulers
       36 Glues or Glue Sticks
       26 Book Covers
       34 Folders
       21 Composition Notebooks
       15 Binders
       75 Hand Sanitizers
       19 Back Packs
       27 Pairs of Scissors
       44 Packs of Colored Pencils
         5 Pencil Boxes
         2 Lunch Boxes

Lunch With Lynch - John Lynch receives a $750.00 cash donation from Alex Piratzky along with other great items as shown below...